Co2 tracking

Infrastructure Construction Industry Competition is changing for good – Tracking CO2 will soon divide the competition and here is what you need to know about it

Last few years in our infrastructure construction industry it has been merely impossible to avoid hearing about CO2 and how our industry needs to track and reduce it, to stop the looming danger of climate change. Certainly, the tone of voice in the talks varies, for some, it might provide new opportunities whereas for some it’s purely a pain and a risk for business.


Direction of change reveals itself


Stepping up from the day-to-day point-of-view and observing the river’s current from above, it becomes inevitably clear, that the infrastructure construction will change for good. And as always, change tends to be a divider, where one embracing it will benefit, and one denying it will become irrelevant.

In Nordic countries, this future has already started showing its face, where construction companies able to trace and showcase their project’s CO2 are winning at a drastically increasing speed and historically, what has happened in the Nordics, has been the way the whole industry operates globally soon after.


The topic of CO2 can cause different opinions, but there is no denying its importance is growing


Tracking CO2 will divide the competition


The imperative to track CO2 brings the pain of implementing such complex new workflows into construction operations. Cure for the pain for forerunners has seemingly been teaming up with the right partners, and that seems to become the crossroad for the competition soon – embracing CO2 tracking with partners or becoming irrelevant.

Competitors in the Nordics have won a lot by being able to track their project’s CO2 emissions with efficient systems


Jere Syrjälä
January, 2024

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Mastering infrastructure tenders

Mastering Infrastructure Tenders: Proven Strategies and Smarter Tools for Success

Winning construction tenders for infrastructure projects requires a strategic combination of expertise and effective communication. Tailoring your approach to each project is essential, but three key considerations consistently enhance your chances of success:

Thorough Understanding of Project Requirements:


Innovative and Sustainable Solutions:


Effective Communication and Relationship Building:


Our amazing customers have streamlined their bidding process using our solutions by leveraging our cloud platform as a shared hub for the tender team, facilitating faster collaboration and communication (both internally and with external stakeholders).

With the ability to have PDF documents, DXF/DWG and other design sources, orthophotos, and other base maps, you can work from a common source of truth all on a shared map.



Tools, like Infrakit FIELD (mobile app), and Infrakit OFFICE combine to offer simple workflows to capture and tag photos for undocumented risks during site trips and help tender teams, who generally lack easy access to BIM tools, to visualize 3D elements in the office or the field.

Users can also capture dronemaps for work phase planning, taking advantage of different seasons for comprehensive ground condition assessments.

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John Frost
January 12th, 2024