Black week offering of Infrakit in terms of version 3.8.7!

Black week offering of Infrakit in terms of version 3.8.7!   

Black Friday, nowadays seemingly more like a black week or two, is without a doubt the most notorious sales day of the year. There are pros and cons to it, but all in all, if you make smart purchase decisions during it, it will be very good time to buy Infrakit as a Christmas gift for your loved ones… Oh… no… I, I meant buying something nice can be smart… Though Infrakit is very nice, maybe I would not give it as a Christmas gift for children. 😀

Ookay jokes aside, our products are maybe not be the ones that are the hottest of the hot during Black Friday, but we still wanted to give you something a bit extra this time, in terms of developing more awesome stuff into our products! Let’s go check them out!


Capture your map beautifully!

How wonderful would it be if you could think of something, and Infrakit would do it as you wish?

Undoubtedly awesome, and even if that is not yet the case today, we took one step towards it by enabling you to select an aspect ratio and area with OFFICE  for your Map image capture tool! We added also some options to modify the legend contents!

Let me teach how to do this via this video!

Powerful metadata in the palm of your hands

Knowledge is power they say. Clichés are clichés not because they are dumb but because they are too true too often.

We want to make you powerful by having all your knowledge of the project in the palm of your hands (especially, if you keep your laptop mouse in your palm). For this, we brought the plan features metadata visible to you, when you click the LandXML!

Watch the video to make this power yours!

Simple but fast… we upgraded your use of files and images into next level

Images and files… So simple things, but yet they can be such a burden so often when they become too many.

If we say knowledge is power, then we say speed is… well, speed. What is interesting in the case of using software like Infrakit, is that speed is not only made by how fast something works, but also how much there are roadblocks to take away your speed. Those roadblocks can be tiny but when you have plenty of them, they become a burden.

We took extra care as a Black Friday gift for you to remove as many small roadblocks of utilizing and viewing images and uploading files in Infrakit. For example image direction is visualized on map helping users to understand the insights from field in deeper depths!

As always it is impossible to tell you everything we did within one blog or you would have to read it as novel… so these are the highlights, but if you have interest on diving deeper to what new we have out there, check them from the Release notes in our Knowledgebase!

Jere Syrjälä
November 28th, 2023

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