How does the Dutch market look like?

As mentioned before DCS Finland Oy has founded new companies in Norway and in the Netherlands. During the last 2 years we have seen that the market for the Infrakit Cloud in both countries is waiting for this solution.

Fun fact: With 139,000 km of public roads, the Netherlands has one of the most dense road networks in the world – much denser than Germany and France, but still not as dense as Belgium. Dutch roads include at least 3,530 km of motorways and expressways, and with a motorway density of 64 kilometres per 1,000 km², the country also has one of the densest motorway networks in the world. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Dutch market is seeking for more efficiency in road construction projects. The fact that Infrakit offers brand independent solutions for exchanging information with all machine control systems is unique in the market. In Netherlands openness is very important, because companies hire subcontractors for all the work. Sometimes they have some own machines, but most of the times they need to hire many machines and all these subcontractors have different machine control systems. Many of those don’t even have connection to a cloud system and this is a big issue for construction companies. Our customers see immediately the big benefits of being able to share information real time with all participants in the project. These can be project owners, but also designers, foremen, land surveyors, machines, etc.

How can Infrakit respond to this demand?

Infrakit makes it possible to take BIM from the office to the worksite of every project, whether big or small. Infrakit makes it possible to really benefit from 3D designs and to connect as-built data together in real-time with the models. Infrakit makes it possible to follow project progress and makes it easy to adjust capacity to the real needs. Infrakit makes it possible to decrease failures to acceptable levels from the high levels everybody faces – until today.

The industry understands the need to improve work processes and to do that the industry sees that modern technology is the way to go. All other methods give marginal benefits, but an independent cloud solution gives big benefits and make savings in total construction costs up to 20% possible.

All your project data in one cloud platform.

Infrakit makes use of open standards and that is very much in favour of all users. All machine control manufactures do see this need as well and thus all of them have decided to open up to Infrakit to give these benefits to the market. And the market understandably is very happy with this and will benefit hugely in every project. It is a big win-win situation for project owners, construction companies and subcontractors.

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