Infrakit Transforms Digital Rail Construction

Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group, a leader in railway construction, faced challenges in integrating digital solutions to streamline their operations. They partnered with Infrakit, aiming to enhance their project management and execution processes.

In our recent webinar, Peter Lenk from Infrakit talked to Patrick Giller, from their Digital Rail Services team.

Utilizing Infrakit’s comprehensive platform, Rhomberg Sersa integrated various digital tools into their workflow. These included real-time survey data, drone orthophoto-based maps and  360-degree site photos, all accessible through Infrakit’s cloud-based system.

The team effectively used these tools for planning, real-time monitoring, and seamless communication among project stakeholders.

The implementation of Infrakit led to significant improvements:

  • Efficiency: Enhanced data integration allowed for streamlined processes. Patrick Giller emphasized, “We can create our measurement virtually from the office without having to go directly to the construction site, with the photos documented here beautifully.” In other words, remote monitoring and measurement reduce the need for frequent site visits, saving travel costs and time
  • Accuracy: Precise georeferenced data resulted in minimized errors and rework, leading to significant cost savings. Efficient planning and visualization can prevent costly mistakes and improve the accuracy of project execution
  • Collaboration: Improved communication between on-site teams and project managers facilitated smoother project execution. Giller emphasized, “Infrakit is heavily used by us in construction management and in the exchange between the construction site and the office, project management, site supervision, foremen, machine operators, and our digital rail service team. We use the platform to support our digital solutions”.

Infrakit has proven to be a highly valuable tool for Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group, driving digital transformation in rail construction. Their experience underscores the platform’s potential to revolutionize project management and execution across the industry.

See the whole webinar here in German (you may turn on English captions using the Youtube player settings)

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