The Integrated Infrastructure Cloud

Unlock your construction site for smart decisions by connecting all your BIM, Surveying and Field data.


Single source of truth Construction CDE

Easy cloud based BIM Viewer (2D & 3D) that works without desktop installations

View Orthophotos, 360’s & Point clouds

Manage Mass hauls ‹

Integrate all machine control systems for data exchange

Real-time as-built data keeping team up-to-date on progress and quality

Keep track of Volumes & Schedule ‹

Involve stakeholders with Saved Views ‹


Your drawings, alignments and 3D models in your pocket

Online photo-shooting ensures the the whole project team is aware of situation on site



RTK sensor connectivity enables grade checking for anyone

Online as-built surveying makes sure all your data is accessible and secured in cloud in real-time


› Collect digital freight reports

› Control your mass haul operations


Jan Boerman, Surveyor

“Infrakit is unmissable in our present-day work”

Heikki Jakomaa, Site manager

“I don’t know how this project could have been carried out without Infrakit. Real-time monitoring would have been impossible without it.”

Krista Uutela, Design coordinator

“Infrakit makes it easy to monitor progress on the site in real time, and is also helpful in planning.”

Jarle Vatne, Project manager

“Infrakit provides a good overview of the models used in the machines!”

Future-proofed way to evolve your projects 

Infrakit breaks down digital silos by integrating real-time construction systems and data, making insights easy to share and apply.

  • Make smarter decisions
  • Make faster decisions
  • Give insights to the people who need them

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