We want to help our existing and new customers make the most of the Infrakit platform and succeed in the digitization of construction work through Services. Our mission is to provide our customers with real added value at every stage of the infrastructure’s life cycle.


Deployment projects




Professional services

Our experienced experts will work closely with the customer and also visit their construction sites and offices when needed. We will always design our service solutions according to the customers’ needs in order to ensure the best results.

Deployment projects

With the help of an Implementation project we can achieve the best possible result together based on our customers’ feedback. An implementation project begins with a thorough Infrakit training. After that, we will work on the implementation of Infrakit in joint workshops, where we will select pilot targets, create a project plan, and set clear goals and indicators for the operations. Our experts will work together with the customer to carry out the pilot projects throughout their entire life cycle.

The pilots will be systematically monitored according to the project plan. The project’s results will then be compared and measured with the original goals defined in the workshops. After the project, we will create a final report that clearly records the project’s challenges, benefits, and possibilities. Based on this information, we will create a follow-up action plan for the customer, which will further help the practical work and the digitalization of designing and building through concrete actions.


We can offer a comprehensive training on Infrakit Basics and tailor a precise training to meet the customer’s needs, taking into account the project’s goals and different roles and tasks.

Professional services

Together with the customer, we will ensure that we can get the projects through the finish line by using the Infrakit platform. We can create real added value by providing technical support and model inspection services, among others. We will help you create a continuous situation picture to visualize the issues handled at the construction site meetings, and we will also ensure the production of high- quality result data to meet the needs of project documentation and asset management.

What our customers say

An interesting day and clear, good presentations on Infrakit’s features. I was able to concentrate the whole day thanks to the exercises.

The training was well organized and the exercises were illustrative. A very good training on the basics. We are considering the need for further training for target groups.

The material is good. The knowledge on the program was seriously on a high level. Even an old user could learn about new functions and practices.

A good basic information package on how to use the program. A simple enough basic training that everyone could follow. I never even knew about the program before, but now I can surely use it in simple tasks.

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