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Your digital
transformation partner


We enable successful and sustainable infra projects
by connecting people and data

Infrakit supercharges construction operations by offering fast visual access to information


Share real-time information between all parties to ensure project success


Access visual location-based documentation to improve quality control


Enjoy mixed fleet management on a single platform to increase on-site efficiency

How our product can help you

Contractor – Supercharge your construction site

You will be able to build in effective and high quality manner while using Infrakit as a platform for construction. The project has a clear situational picture – all project data on a map and in a 3D view. Also in all worksite roles you have up-to-date high quality information to do your daily tasks while saving money and time.

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Infrastructure owner – Streamline your project management

When using Infrakit you will get what you have procured both in design and construction. With Infrakit you have a visual view to end result – both physical and digital.

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