Infrakit Truck App Now Available!

The Truck App is at Work!

Truck App login

Infrakit has a very useful new product called the Truck Tracking App. The app is used for tracking of trucks and their loads and taking the paperwork out of the truck driver’s hands. The Truck App works on any Android device and, of course, in combination with the Infrakit server.

The App is now working in Finland and in the Netherlands in different projects and has proven to be very useful. Truck drivers like the fact that they have no paperwork anymore and project managers have all information available in real-time.

Super easy install: it takes only 1 minute

How does it work?

If you have a project in Infrakit you can assign trucks to the project. You also can define materials that need to be transported from A to B. All you need is an Android device: mobile or tablet. In preparation the truck driver only needs to install the app from Google Play Store here.

After a successful installation and logging in, he can choose the product and the volume — and he is ready to go. The only thing he has to do to use the app is press “LOAD” when he receives a load and press “UNLOAD” when he dumps it. All positions are automatically stored on the server from that moment and each individual load can be followed real-time. This is very convenient for the driver and for the administration as it saves a lot of time and provides accurate data from the field.

View from the App

It is even possible to do the recognition of the “LOAD” and “UNLOAD” sequences automatically. The project administrator can create so-called geo fences at the project map. So he can create one fence for “LOAD” area and one fence for “UNLOAD” area. As soon as the truck enters the LOAD area this will be recorded as a LOAD sequence and when he drives into the UNLOAD area the same will be done at the server. Very easy to use.

What to do with the information?

The information will be stored at the Infrakit server for each truck individually and can be viewed in different ways. It is possible to see 1) each individual drive, but also as 2) totals per truck or 3) totals per day and 4) per project.

Example of material types

This gives a great overview with no additional effort at all and can be viewed by everyone that has access to the project. That can be the project leader or manager, but also the project owner if needed. A great new tool within Infrakit and new features will follow all the time!

Feel free to try the Truck App in combination with the Infrakit trial account here. And do so in combination with the great Infrakit App, too (downloadable from Google Play Store here). It can be used to take all your project information to the site with you and, for instance, use it for taking as-built measurements using Bluetooth connection via a GNSS rover. Read more about the Infrakit Android App from our blog: User Cases and how to use is as a Surveying Tool.

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