PRESS RELEASE: Infrakit subsidiaries founded in Norway and the Netherlands

This month, Infrakit subsidiary companies are founded in Norway and Netherlands. The new companies, Infrakit AS and Infrakit BV, are founded to handle Infrakit business in their respective regions. Managing directors are Anders Tiltnes (Infrakit AS, Norway) and Jan van den Brandt (Infrakit BV, Netherlands). Best of luck for both gentlemen in their new roles!

Founding of Infrakit AS (Left: Anders Tiltnes, Managing director Infrakit AS, right: Teemu Kivimäki CEO and Founder DCS Finland Ltd)


Infrakit Cloud is expanding globally. In January 2017 Infrakit (=DCS Finland Ltd) has founded subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Norway. Infrakit’s official reseller network now reaches Japan.

A Finnish start-up Infrakit, a high-technology cloud platform, allows real-time project management and quality assurance for all parties in infrastructure construction projects.

Infrakit users have access to up-to-date project progress information throughout all construction phases, which reduces mistakes and delays considerably.

In Finland, the biggest infra-construction companies and more than a dozen municipalities are using Infrakit on their projects around the country. The company has had various pilot projects and reselling contracts in the Netherlands and Sweden for a couple of years. Norwegian sales were launched in 2016.

In January of 2017 Infrakit founded subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Norway to advance local sales and enable active customer service and support.

The company says to significantly invest in their global reselling network in 2017. In addition to the existing Finnish, Swedish and Dutch resellers they now have an official reseller also in Japan.

Global negotiations are under construction with many other companies in the field of infrastructure and surveying.

For more information:
Infrakit’s International Sales Manager Pasi Joensuu
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