INTERMAT Paris 2015 Exhibition

This April Teemu and I visited the Intermat Exhibition in Paris for 2 days. Our main goal was to talk with the major manufacturers for machine control systems and to see what kind of possibilities there are in the European market for Infrakit. It was interesting to see that there were not many software-related companies exhibiting at this fair, I would have expected otherwise as digitalization is such a huge trend nowadays.

We were able to talk with all companies that are active in the machine control business and very good talks they were indeed. All of those parties agreed with the fact that open communication will be demanded by customers in the near future. Openness and interest to companies like Infrakit will be a topic for the upcoming years. Some admitted that this is already necessary right now.

Another issue we noticed was that the machine manufacturers are now offering more and more machine control systems that are build-in from the factory. They see the growing demand for this and build-in from factory has many advantages. Especially cables are much better protected than when the systems are installed after delivery or on existing machines. This gives the customer a more reliable system as a whole.

From the conversations with these manufacturers we found out that they also see there’s a good market for open communication – as with Infrakit. At the same time it is necessary for them to make a well-thought choice of brand. Most of them have already made such a choice, which results in the fact that they have chosen between either Trimble, TopCon or Leica.

Furthermore we had contact with several companies supplying software or service for infra design. These companies are very interesting as to see what kind of cooperation we might have with them in the future.

All in all it was a successful exhibition for us and for Infrakit’s future in the international markets. Can’t wait to see what the next Intermat event has to offer.

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