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Dear readers,

There is a lot going on in Netherlands at the moment. First of all, we have an agreement with a company called Digital Infra Solutions who will be our reseller and service provider. This company has experienced people from different aspects in the infra market and can help you very well with all issues related to digital infra-construction.

With the great help of Digital Infra Solutions new projects will be using Infrakit and the first one is Combinatie Herepoort in Groningen. This is a 4-year project where a ring road will be transformed in a high way ring road. The existing road is a cause of traffic congestion, because there is a lot of traffic and most of it is on same level, so there is a lot of traffic controlled by traffic lights. This road is on +6m level.

The new road is going to be on -6m level and all local traffic will stay on +6m level. This way traffic just passing the city will not be disturbed anymore by the local traffic and vice versa. It is a 400 million Euro project created by 4 local construction companies (Roelofs Wegenbouw BV, Jansma Drachten BV, Koninklijke Sjouke Dijkstra BV and Oosterhof Holman Infra BV) and 2 German companies through their Dutch subsidiaries (Max Bögl Nederland BV and Züblin Nederland BV).

Fig. 1: Impression of new situation of one part of the project

This project has started already and will continue for the next 4 years! Wishing them a successful project and implementation of Infrakit Cloud Service!

The other good news is that one of the biggest companies in infra-construction in Netherlands has become a customer! After using Infrakit at a pilot project and seeing the great results using Infrakit they have decided that they will use Infrakit for all relevant projects! We welcome company Heijmans N.V. as a customer. Heijmans is a stock listed company and has very nice projects coming up and going on. One of the new project that will start this month is the so called 3Angle project, which will be done in combination with 3i Infrastructure and Fluor. This is a project where 2 highways will be widened from 2×3 to 2×4 lanes and from 2×2 to 2×3 lanes. Have a look at this.

Fig. 2: Impression of a new connection of local roads with the expanded highway.

Of course, nature will get a lot of attention as well. Look at this eco tunnel!

Fig. 3: Impression of the Eco tunnel

We wish Heijmans and the combination partners a successful project and a successful implementation of our Infrakit Cloud Service!

One of the great advantages of using Infrakit in these kind of projects is that there is always a mixed fleet of machine control brands on the project. Infrakit can handle them all!

Do you want to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will demonstrate you how!

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