Infrakit FIELD™ app goes iOS and now available on Apple App Store

Our family of mobile apps has grown with a new member Infrakit FIELD™ Lite for iOS released this month. The latest version is the first stable release and includes all the web mobile functionality. The app works both on iPhone and iPad and will be updated frequently as all of our products. Already this year we have released a total of over 80 new features and improvements across our product line. For iOS we also have Infrakit Truck Tracking app which you can use to track the trucks and other vehicles on your project site.

Infrakit FIELD™ Lite on Apple App Store »

Infrakit Truck Tracking on Apple App Store »

Also if you are on Android don’t forget you can download the apps on Google Play store:

Infrakit FIELD™ on Google Play store »

Infrakit Truck Tracking on Google Play Store »

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