Klavertje 4: Heijmans is constructing the heart of Greenport Venlo – Head Surveyor John Donkers on mixed fleet and quality management

Klavertje 4 (K4, Four-leaf clover) is an area approximately 5,000 hectares in size to the northwest of Venlo, situated between the A73 and A67 motorways. Heijmans has been using Infrakit in mixed fleet machine and quality control with the help of as-built points.



Project background

Klavertje 4 constitutes the heart of Greenport Venlo and has already been named the Logistical Hotspot of the Netherlands eight times. Spanning across 5,400 hectares of land, Greenport Venlo is the Netherlands’ second largest horticultural region, and even the most versatile in Europe. Over the next 15 years, the region is to be transformed into an innovative, sustainable location for entrepreneurs to establish their businesses.

Situated between the hubs that are Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the Port of Rotterdam and the Port of Antwerp on the one hand and the Central European hinterland on the other, Greenport Venlo is the Netherlands’ number 1 Logistical Hotspot. A status reinforced by the arrival of the largest inland rail terminal in Western Europe (Cabooter).

John Donkers is the Head Surveyor on the project, so we asked him about how Infrakit is used in the project for machine control between different subcontractors and quality control with the help of as-built points. “I make sure all machines have the correct machine files and I am the point of contact for the work preparation that gets the as-built data from Infrakit.”

“The project had already started when I joined Heijmans two years ago. In the beginning I mostly got acquainted with Infrakit and the features we were using at the project one by one. I think there are ways that we could use Infrakit even more in the future.”



Main features used

“The main features for me are that I have an overview of all the 3D models being used and that I can combine different machines from different companies on one platform. The biggest benefit for me is that I don’t have to look for as-built data.”

“The excavators and dozers in the field are logging data for me and the work preparator who also has an account for Infrakit makes the quality documents that are needed for our customer. I don’t need a surveyor in the field who is measuring points all day.”


Working with mixed fleet machine control and quality control

“It’s very nice that I can put as-built data and design data in one platform, I have an overview of the project and can easily check which 3D-model the excavator is using. It saves me and the surveyor in the field a lot of time.”

“Before I would have had to use different clouds to input the correct machine data in different machines for different companies. The overview wouldn’t have existed because I can’t directly see if the excavator is using the correct model, which means a bigger chance of making mistakes that will cost a lot of extra time and money.“

“I’m still learning something new about the platform every day. I have used Infrakit for 2 years now and I am still finding new features, and if I don’t know something I can call other colleagues of mine who know a lot more about Infrakit than I do.”

“Especially for large projects Infrakit is a great platform to use for inputting your machine data into the excavators and dozers and controlling quality.”

To someone considering Infrakit

“Don’t think too long. Especially for large projects Infrakit is a great platform to use for inputting your machine data into the excavators and dozers and controlling quality.”



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