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When using Infrakit you will get what you have procured both in design and construction. With Infrakit you have a visual view to end result: physical and digital.


What our customers say

“From the owner’s point of view, it is very convenient to be able to record the problems that have arisen on the map with the route during the whole construction period. This makes it much easier to identify the causes of defects and resolve disputes during the warranty period.“

Kadi Tuum, Project Manager, Estonian Transport Administration


”While planning the pilot project we wanted to take advantage of Finnish experiences and know-how – that’s why we chose Infrakit platform. The biggest advantage of Infrakit evolves in construction process, where you can take the whole project documentation everywhere with smartphone or tablet. It is also possible to get acces in every PC without owning any specific CAD or design software. And finally we have an option to check the design solution in 3D.”

Anti Palmi, Manager of Road Construction and Maintenance Division in Estonian Road Administration

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Accelerate digitalisation with a cloud solution and expert services to enhance operational efficiency

Access real-time information throughout the project lifecycle to increase trust and transparency

Review and approve quality easily through visual documentation to ensure project success

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