National road 4 is scheduled to open 8 months ahead of schedule

Project Manager Jarmo Niskanen from Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency reveals that they are hoping to be move traffic to the new road on December 20th or 21st . (YLE 7.12.2021)

According to Niskanen the move to the new stretch of road has been carefully planned of time with dozens of people communicating with each other while the obstacles are being removed.

“We will have a car leading the line from both ends of the road to start the traffic. Neither Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency nor the contractor will organize a special opening for the road.” says Niskanen.

“The low temperatures are causing some delays so we can’t say for sure when the road will be opened. We are in the middle of installing important railings, without them the road can’t be used. All other aspects of the road have been completed,” Niskanen describes.

The opening day will be confirmed on December 15th according to Niskanen. At the latest the road is set to be opened in January, up to 8 months ahead of schedule.

Main contractor on the project is Destia.

Read about the projects background at

Read the original article at YLE in Finnish (published 7.12.2021)

Damyanti Rathore
August 10, 2021

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