Introducing Janika Rehn as Development Manager

I started at Infrakit at the beginning of May. I am originally from the Helsinki area in Finland, where I also got my master’s degree in Transportation and Environmental Engineering with a specialization in geotechnical and rock engineering at Aalto University. Since then, I have also completed studies for Global BIM Management for Infrastructure Projects. I started my career as a geotechnical engineer at Pöyry Finland. In 2015 Pöyry offered me an expat position involving BIM and design coordination in the Follo Line EPC project in Oslo, which I gladly accepted. What was supposed to be 1-2 years in Norway slowly turned into a permanent residency in Norway. After Follo Line I have worked as BIM Lead at Implenia Norway and at Sporveien, the facility owner for the metro and tram infrastructure in Oslo Region. In both positions I have been responsible for development of the organization’s BIM strategy, BIM use-cases, model-based workflows and BIM requirements for development projects.

While I got drawn into BIM mainly because I thought it was a lot of fun, my main motivation to keeping on working with BIM has always been the enormous potential digital workflows have for making the construction industry more sustainable for the environment. I wanted to join Infrakit because I saw that it is a company filled with people that share the same vision.

I have seen that Infrakit has a very international team of employees with a lot of and varied range of different types of experience from the industry. I am looking forward to exchanging ideas and gaining new perspectives to the old problems from my colleagues.

On my free-time I enjoy traveling and getting to know other cultures, which is why I also do volunteer work for AFS, a non-profit organization specializing in intercultural learning. For relaxation I enjoy my yoga practice and dancing different styles ranging from classical ballet to contemporary jazz and salsa. During the weekends I love escaping to the Norwegian mountains with my boyfriend for some skiing or trekking, depending on the season.

Damyanti Rathore
August 11, 2022

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