Streamlined infra project management for project owners

Growing pressure for sustainability and digitalization in the infrastructure sector is raising questions for infra owners. How to control high risk projects from delivery failures, keep the schedule, stay within the budget while maintaining great quality in a public procurement environment?

Infrakit offers a centralized cloud platform for infra owners to streamline their project management.

Real-time situational awareness and progress reporting

Infrakit enables a real-time map view of the project’s progress and status in all project phases. This makes sure that the project is completed as planned, with documentation being created simultaneously. This enables you to build with less errors, reworking and claims.

Kadi Tuum, Project Manager from Estonian Transport Administration says that “from the owner’s point of view, it is very convenient to be able to record the problems that have arisen on the map with the route during the whole construction period. This makes it much easier to identify the causes of defects and resolve disputes during the warranty period. “

Read her interview here.

Shorter project delivery time with savings in total project costs

Because all project parties have access to the same information from designs to any changes of plans at the same time, projects can move forward faster without the need to send information around. This leads to savings in total project costs. All of this is possible while increasing the quality of the project.

Infrakit’s wide variety of integration partners gives you the change to choose freely which software and equipment you prefer to use.

Damyanti Rathore
June 22, 2021

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