Motorway project E6 Arnkvern – Moelv finished ahead of schedule and under the original budget

On October 26, Nye Veier was able to open the last part of the new four-lane E6 motorway between Kolomoen and Moelv in Inland, Norway. Infrakit was used in the project.

According to Byggeindustrien (27.10.2020), Nye Veier’s Development director Øyvind Moshagen believes that both Veidekke and Nye Veier have good reason to be satisfied with the implementation of the Arnkvern-Moelv project.

“We have reduced the construction cost by 15-20 percent and Veidekke has ensured that the opening takes place approximately eight months earlier than originally planned. We are very happy with that”, says Moshagen to Byggeindustrien.

Read more about the use of Infrakit in the project here.

Read the original article in Norwegian published by Byggeindustrien here.

Linda Hakala
January 14, 2021

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