Tampere Tramway is being completed ahead of schedule with savings up to 30 million euros


This is a rare sight in bigger construction projects, but it has happened in Tampere. The first phase of the project will be completed ahead of schedule this summer with savings of approximately 30 million euros.

Traffic in the Hatanpää area will start in August earlier than planned. Originally this part of the project was supposed to be completed by the end of this year.

According to Sari Valjus, the project manager of the Tramway Alliance on their press release (in finnish) they will stay about 30 million euros under the target budget. (YLE 16.4.2021.)

Check out the original article in finnish here.

Infrakit was used in the project as a handover tool, meaning that all the handover material of the project is compiled on the platform and delivered to the client. As the material is transferred, they go through the sites to be handed over, related documents etc. in Infrakit with the client. Infrakit is also the tool for Development phase 2, which means that initial data for planning, alternatives for track lines etc. are collected there and can be viewed on a mobile phone during field visits.

Check out our reference article about the project here.

Damyanti Rathore
April 19, 2021

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