The benefits of using Infrakit in euros

In this blog post I will present a simple calculation of concrete savings resulting from the surveying properties of Infrakit using an example project.

Infrakit increases the efficiency of surveying and data management of the construction site significantly. Below are presented three concrete ways how Infrakit can be utilized, which have proven to be effective on construction sites of Destia, Skanska and YIT. As the example project I chose a fictive 80 million euro road construction project. The duration is 3 years.

1) Survey chief’s centralized data management. Infrakit enables a centralized design management and synchronization in the work machines and centralized collection of as-built data. This saves 50% of the survey chief’s working time.

In the example project the work input of one person is saved. Cost savings amount to 240,000 euros in three years.

2) Foreman’s survey tools.The foreman has the opportunity to inspect the design data and conduct some of the as-built measurements using Infrakit GNSS measuring (survey) device. This will save 50% of the measuring (surveying) resources.

In the example project the work input of two people is saved. Cost savings amount to 360,000 euros in three years.

3) Digital quality documentation.Traditionally, when the project is finished, cross-section images of the surveys are sent to the project owner on paper. In the example project this would mean 15,000 cross-sections of the size of A4 paper printed in several series. With Infrakit, the project owner accepts the design and survey data collected in Infrakit, so the printing of cross-sections is not necessary. The cost of producing and printing one cross-section image is approximately 30 euros. Using Infrakit will save 450,000 euros in total.


Summary: Cost savings in the example project

Sub-area  Savings (EUR)
Survey chief’s centralized data management 240.000 EUR
Foreman’s measurement/survey tools 360.000 EUR
Digital quality documentation 450.000 EUR
Total savings 1.050.000 EUR

Over one million euros were saved in the surveying costs during the example project.

Savings brought by increased efficiency

In addition to the surveying cost savings presented above, Infrakit provides significant benefits through increased accuracy in building and efficient use of work machines. The development manager of Destia, Mika Jaakkola, states that compared to traditional working methods, the delivery cycle of contracts carried out by Destia using digital designs have shortened by up to 25%.

This view is supported by the data we have collected from the work machines. With traditional methods in the construction sites the efficiency of the machines is 60% on average (in use during the working hours), whereas sites that utilize Infrakit, the efficiency is 82% on average.

The rule of thumb is that the costs consist of work and material. Saving one fourth in the work costs leads to a 12.5% saving in the total budget. In the example project of 80 million euros, this means saving 10 million euros. The previously mentioned survey cost savings are not included in this calculation. I will return to the formation of these savings in the next blog post, in which I will also discuss the results of the innovation project “Infrakit application as management’s aid” commissioned by YIT in spring 2016.

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