Release Notes – Version 3.2.2-6

Release Notes – Infrakit Office – Version 3.2.2-6
[IN-383] – MachinePage->Calibration tab: not possible to add decimals
[IN-385] – long section alignment line is calculated from break lines resulting in an inaccurate alignment graph
[IN-387] – After deleting logpoints, the logpoints list is not automatically refreshed. The list refreshes and logpoints disappear only after manually clicking the folder containing the points.
[IN-392] – Admin edit organization selects the wrong parent organization by default
[IN-397] – Remove project.vehicles entity mapping to prevent circular Hibernate update chains.
[IN-398] – Changing vehicle models crashes if vehicle has been assigned a deleted model
[IN-401] – Inframodel xml profile sometimes starts from wrong station

[IN-323] – Map page images – thumbnails multiple selection
[IN-365] – Maps page – Add close button to data properties windows
[IN-386] – long section graph should have controls to adjust yScale
[IN-402] – Add more visible highlight coloring on the selected item on map page left tab menu..
[IN-403] – TCC integration – Upload lone svl as a model file
[IN-404] – Topcon integration – Convert line data to ln3
[IN-407] – Reduce unauthenticated user session timeout to 5 minutes
[IN-408] – Run UserLog save in a single thread

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