Release Notes – Version 3.2.2-4 & Version 3.2.2-5

Release Notes – Version 3.2.2-5
[IN-388] – Admin Organizations page list headers are in wrong order
[IN-389] – sometimes uses Infrakit Office active project
[IN-391] – Separate files can have same versionGroup if multiple people upload files at same time

Release Notes – Version 3.2.2-4
[IN-354] – DWG to DXF converter might get stuck
[IN-356] – Fix the case where vehicle vendor id might be 0
[IN-359] – Show vehicle station when vehicle is outside the main alignment
[IN-367] – Inframodel pipe height is wrong if pipe elevType=”crown level”
[IN-371] – Point source filename is not always shown
[IN-373] – Sitelink integration – Fix file sync when only some of the vehicles in a project have new models

[IN-246] – Draw long-section page
[IN-351] – Show logpoint pointname in logpoints page
[IN-357] – Change ConX integration url to
[IN-358] – Calculate file size and md5 when receiving the file from user
[IN-361] – Clicking a notification pans and zooms to the area on map where the notification happened
[IN-368] – Translate Infrakit to Estonian
[IN-369] – Add Swedish geoid swen08 rh70
[IN-370] – Also create directories without any files when uploading zip file
[IN-374] – Vehicles page – Add link to admin edit vehicle if user is admin

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