Olli Planting joins Infrakit as a Development Manager

Hi there, I’m Olli. I joined Team Infrakit about a month ago as a Development Manager. I have a bachelor’s degree on Civil Engineering from Oulu University of Applied Sciences. I’m originally from Sodankylä which is a small town in northern Finland. Now I live in Oulu, but my heart is in Lapland where I enjoy spending time at our cabin in the middle-of-nowhere. I love fishing and spending time in the nature. I also enjoy cooking, cycling, yoga and badminton.

Before Infrakit I worked for almost nine years at Destia Ltd. in the infra sector. My career at Destia included working as a land surveyor, road designer, leading infra designer and BIM coordinator. The last three years I also worked as a development manager in the design team. As a development manager I led design processes and software development and my own development team. Now at Infrakit my specialty is collaboration, development and quality assurance in infrastructure design and construction projects.

Infrakit is very familiar to me since I started to develop it from a designers’ point of view in 2013 at Destia. I’ve worked closely with Infrakit specialists for over eight years so jumping into the team was easy to me. I look forward to pushing the limits of infrastructure sector’s effectiveness and quality as a member of Team Infrakit.

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