News: Infrakit projects in the Netherlands

Infrakit reaches its first project in the international markets

Combination Jansma/Roelofs/VanSpijker has been awarded the contract for De Centrale As Noord 1. In this project they will be using Infrakit Construction Collaboration Cloud.

Project owner is Province of Fryslân and the contract manager of this project will use Infrakit as well. Infrakit will be used from the design phase until construction and as-builts. In this project the engineering and project management will be done by Roelofs and the earthwork will be done by Jansma. Van Spijker will do the concrete elements.

One platform – Infrakit – enables the use of BIM throughout the project and will increase efficiency for all participants – and vastly decrease errors and costs.

We congratulate the allience of these three great companies of this nice order and wish you all a successful execution of this project!

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