New Infrakit Truck Application

Mobile phones and the whole industry around them is moving at an incredible pace. A year in mobile world is a lifetime in ours if you look at the innovations and new technologies that are constantly changing. Here at Infrakit we know that we must keep up with the change in order to provide our customers with best possible experience.

With this in mind, we’ve developed a new version of our trucks application. The new version increases reliability, efficiency and decreases power consumption. New trucks application was built from the ground up with better architecture and with the latest Android development technologies. We’ve kept the same functionality and provided users with similar interface so the transition from old to the new version will be as seamless as possible. We have future plans to make new features and the new architecture allows us to make these changes faster and improve reliability even more! One more reason for building the new application is that it will work even better on newer devices and on newer versions of Android OS.

We want to improve our application even more, so if you’re interested in being one of the first users to try out our new and improved application, we wholeheartedly invite you to join us in this journey!

For more details and how to download the new truck application, please contact your local Infrakit provider.

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