Is digitalization just for large contractors, or can smaller teams gain just as much?

Competition in construction is fierce, but smaller contractors can level the playing field by embracing technology. From saving costs on outsourced surveying, to streamlined office-to-field collaboration, to improved project management, to offering transparency to asset owners, the benefits are numerous.

Fortunately, Infrakit offers solutions designed to empower contractors big AND small.

There is no love lost for the titans of construction out there (we work with lots of you too), but here are a few ways the smaller ones are punching above their weight class using Infrakit!

Tech Consolidation/Standardization

Where larger operators and projects may require a lot of tech tools to satisfy diverse stakeholders, smaller contractors can often be more nimble and use fewer tools across more operations.

It’s much easier to run with a “single source of truth” for data management when you can deploy the solutions universally and train your team in a matter of hours.

Using Infrakit Survey, you can also significantly reduce outsourced surveying costs (both direct and indirect) by collecting survey points for QA and surface checks directly into the platform.

Improved Communication and Easy Data Sharing with all Stakeholders:

Whether team members are on-site or working remotely, cloud-based platforms like Infrakit ensure everyone is on the same page.

Map-based document/file sharing, real-time updates, and communication channels within the cloud platform provides situational awareness, enhances collaboration and reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings.

Empowered Site Personnel:

While not unique to construction, the larger the organization, typically, the larger the bureaucracy.

Smaller contractors get to cut right through that red tape and make faster decisions which boost productivity.

Having “answers in your pocket” widely available gives an increased level of independence for site workers

With “BIM in the Field” and the ability to save custom views, it makes it much easier to share only the relevant data with the right people at the right time

Dispute Resolution Insurance:

With easy-to-do Quality Assurance workflows and using time stamped site photos, Infrakit allows for complete transparency which helps to safeguard the contractor’s interests in case there is a legal dispute.

Infrakit isn’t just a tool – it’s a strategic advantage. With simple workflows, cost-effective surveying, and enhanced data management, Infrakit proves indispensable for contractors big AND small aiming to thrive in the competitive construction landscape.

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John Frost
February, 2024

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