Infrakit TRUCK™ app for Android

Infrakit TRUCK™ app is a part of the Infrakit system and it’s used for tracking and managing project logistics. Use the Infrakit TRUCK™ app and keep track of movements and activities of your vehicles on Infrakit OFFICE™.

Currently there are two modes in the app: Manual and Automatic. These modes are related to the organization which the user belongs to. You can select which mode you want in Infrakit OFFICE™. Selected organization mode is valid for all users of that organization.

Manual mode – this means that truck driver has full control over ride. Driver chooses material, volume, volume unit and task for the ride, and also starts and finishes ride on button press.

Automatic mode (Advanced Trucks) – driver has no control over trip, everything was set up earlier by fleet manager, the only thing the driver needs to do is drive.

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