Infrakit helps to improve quality control for infra owners

In our previous blog we talked about streamlining infra owner’s project management. To help answer the rising demand for digitalization and sustainability in the infrastructure sector, Infrakit provides a cloud platform to help you manage your projects efficiently.

In this blog we’ll discuss quality control improvements in infra projects.

Built correctly from the start with automatic quality documentation

Infrakit ensures that all project parties can work efficiently without wasting resources with the bonus of documentation being completed simultaneously.

Because of our continuous documentation for progress, quality control and handover materials, you can easily stay on top of what’s being done at the worksite and make sure everyone works with the correct information from the start. This helps avoid unnecessary reworks which saves time and costs.

Project Manager Kadi Tuum from the Estonian Transport Administration said “We had problems with the quality of the lower asphalt surface. I asked the site engineer to register all the places in Infrakit with a picture, where the lower asphalt pavement had defects. After a few years when the top asphalt might have defects, it’s easy for me to inspect the site using Infrakit Field app to disassemble the situation that was at this particular location.”

Read the rest of her interview here.

“All plans and real-time quality assignments are handled through Infrakit. This is important for the owner of the project, who wants quality recognition to take place immediately during the work and not with the traditional way of delay. Without Infrakit, quality designation would not only be delayed, but it would also require more work: quality reports and their storage in a project bank. Now there is no need for it, but all quality measurements and as-built measurements are displayed in real time when the points are taken.”

Sami Laakso, Project Manager, Kreate on case Klaukkala Bypass

Overall quality improvement

With the platform construction’s overall quality is improved by real-time monitoring. Real-time view of the project enables you to fix errors and make quick changes, when necessary. This saves time and helps you stay within the schedule.

“From my point of view as the Quality Manager, Infrakit makes monitoring the project in the field so much easier. There is no need to travel 35 kilometres for every little thing when I can just check it from my PC screen at the office. I am not tied to a time or place. It has been a big relief — I can see in real-time how the project is progressing”.

Jussi Laamanen, Quality Manager YIT on case E18 Hamina – Vaalimaa

Damyanti Rathore
July 1, 2021

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