Belgrade’s Infrakit Day

We successfully organized a promotional and educational Infrakit Day event in association with the Embassy of Finland in Belgrade on 29th of February at the Finnish Residence Serbia:

Digital Innovations in Finland – New technologies in civil construction and practice

Focus of the presentations was on the IT part to explain how we make civil construction digital. We also spoke about how we collect data easily from construction sites and how we use this to build a digital world with Infrakit cloud.

Event exceeded our expectations. We were prepared for 50 participants, but over 70 arrived, which was a very pleasant surprise! Apparently this issue is a very hot topic across the industry. We also had support from Civil Construction Faculty for our lecture with two speakers.

Since we had short time for our presentation, we invited our guests for further discussion of Infrakit’s practical use and benefits for people in civil construction. As the discussion continued we saw that there is a desire for even more detailed presentation at those companies’ facilities. A promise we were eager and happy to make.

At the end of our presentation, we invited Serbian civil construction industry to join digitization and explain to authorities how easy it is to make “Fourth Industrial Revolution” happen. With Infrakit it is easy for Serbia and other developing countries, as there is no need for vast initial investments or acquiring of expensive machinery – what you need is your on PC and/or Android tablet with Internet connection.

You can read further about the Event at Finnish Residency internet site here. Thanks again to all participants, speakers and Embassy of Finland in Belgrade!

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