The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is building a new E16 Eggemoen – Olum road

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen) is a future-oriented administrative body under the Ministry of Transport and Communications. This administrative body carries out its social mission through three different roles: as a client, government body, and professional body.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is committed to comprehensive management, meaning that they work to create smart and cohesive transport systems to benefit the people, society, and the environment at large.

Today, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is well underway with the new E16 Eggemoen – Olum. The old section that is being prepared, Eggemoen – Jevnaker – Olum, is considered dangerous and in need of upgrades. From 2004 to 2013, more than 50 accidents were registered on this section of the road. Therefore, it has been decided that the new E16, of 12.4 kilometers, will be laid between Eggemoen and Olum. In connection with the project, some other roads will be improved, for example, county road 241 and intervention road F16.

Project, plans, and improvements of the new E16

The project involves the construction of a new two-lane road, two level crossings, a roundabout, five bridges, three underpasses, five transition bridges, and a transition bridge for wildlife. The project also includes a continuous pedestrian and bicycle path as well as an environmentally adapted road. It is estimated to cost 3.010 billion NOK. The project has already begun, with the goal of completing the first part of the project by the end of 2021 and the second part during the autumn of 2022.

Infrakit is actively used for this project. We recently had a chat with Mohammed Ziani, BIM coordinator at E16 Eggemoen – Olum. We wanted to hear about the project’s progress and how Infrakit has been helpful during the course of the project.

The use of Infrakit in the project

Ziani says that he has worked as a BIM coordinator on the stretch for half a year, and he has already become well acquainted with Infrakit. He says that the platform is used in all the projects that make up the E16 Eggemoen – Olum, including the side road fv. 241 and intervention road F16.

Infrakit has been used throughout the various phases of the project, including the construction phase and the engineering phase. Ziani says they have four workspaces consisting of two main projects, a side road and an action road. He states that Infrakit has made the interaction between these spaces easier.

“Infrakit makes that connection easier. There are some basic data that belong together in all the workspaces, so I get a simple overview of them. If there is information that must be sent to the intervention road, then it is practical to retrieve files and transfer them to the space that we share with the contractor. “

A digital future

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is very concerned about digital solutions; they believe that it will make everyday life for everyone connected to the Norwegian road network easier, safer, and greener. The administrative body is at the forefront when it comes to digitized solutions and works continuously to achieve the goal. Ziani says that Infrakit is actively used as a tool to achieve this goal. He also mentions that he has already given four presentations about Infrakit within the public road administration.

Ziani is positive about digitalization, which is gaining ground in the industry. He believes it creates a better overview of the projects, and he sees opportunities for even better collaboration in the future.

He goes on to say that the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is trying to move more towards model-based projects; as such, they are pushing in the digital direction.

“There are more and more models, and therefore we depend on good tools to be able to simplify the use for others who are not used to models.”

“In the future, there will have to be a good user-friendliness on the digital solutions, and that is exactly what is nice about Infrakit,” says Ziani. “The threshold for using this is quite low compared to other programs.”

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