New Update! Version 3.3.1-4

Hey everyone!

We just got another update to Infrakit! To make your work in the field or at your comfortable office easier and faster, we added image search by user or by title. Now you can find all images from pipes or the pipe by writing it’s name on a seach box!

We also had a great amount of work done to logpoints. For us, it is important to keep it easy to use, while still capturing all possible information for the later date to be checked or used. Some of these features that make logpoints .pdf more clear and easier to read as well as now having much nicer flow to add new logpoints to the map.

Full list of features added to Infrakit below:

[IN-632] – Admin project page: project users list is sometimes empty
[IN-638] – GetUserState database query crashes if project==null or user==null
[IN-639] – API ajax_user_activity.json should use ISO 8601 dates
[IN-642] – Use latest alignment model version in cross_section.png
[IN-643] – Save Image description to comment exif tag instead of description exif tag
[IN-644] – Image position fails to read if image doesn’t contain xmp metadata
[IN-649] – Project invites might get rejected when saving user
[IN-653] – Fix Novatron logpoint reference model matching when model name contains åäö
[IN-654] – When creating a new organization, the selected organization roles are not saved

[IN-591] – Map page, Images Tab – Add filter by user, and text filter by title/description
[IN-627] – In logpoints .pdf generation, add average errors separately for under and over tolerance points..
[IN-637] – Add pointName to new logpoint request parameters
[IN-655] – For new organizations, have Leica, Trimble and Topcon integrations as well as 3D visualization tabs activated by default..
[IN-658] – Improve project center point calculation

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