New Infrakit release 3.7.6

Map tile manager

New map tile manager enables multiple WMS/WMTS sources and multiple drone flights to be visualized at one view. Ordering tool allows setting the layers to desired order and transparency slider makes it easier to detect deviations between map tile sets. This can be used to trace progress or to analyze many initial data sources at one view.

Shape file support

Now it is possible to bring GIS data to Infrakit in Shape format. This enables visualization of initial data together with other data sources, such as map tiles and design data in the same view. The video below illustrates how areas, lines and points are visualized on 2D and 3D views of Infrakit.

Stringline models for 3D visualization

LandXML stringline models turn alive in the 3D view of Infrakit. Stringline model means continuous surfaces created from set of independent breaklines. Stringline models are widely used for machine control, especially in Norway. New features enable more powerful model checking before files are sent for machinery. Thanks to cloud access, visualisation is also possible to stakeholders who are not familiar with, or do not have access to modeling tools.

Damyanti Rathore
August 10, 2021

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