Infrakit 3.8.1. is out, and here is what you should know about it! 

We are delighted to have the Infrakit version 3.8.1. up and running. There are some great new features for you to have a seamless experience in your daily work using Infrakit. We gathered the three most important highlights for you to quickly grasp on, what the new version holds and how it will make your life at the site better! 

Brand spanking new IFC models on map  

It is unfortunately true, that many times 3D rendering is waay too complex to manage, especially on mobile over a bad network. Therefore, we are super happy to bring the new IFC Outline generation for you, which enhances the mobile experience! 2D rendering is important especially on mobile, to avoid complexity and long waiting times. With the new version and reparsing, you will have a collaboration model in 2D, earthworks, and structures in one view. Easier and faster than ever, right?


Supercharged communication with new annotation tools 

Communication with the new annotation tools for Saved views is made easier than ever. Internally they help you for example sharing agendas in site meetings, showcasing risks and traffic plans, or requesting information from designers, externally you can share traffic arrangement information. 


The power of Saved views is greater than ever, and that power is in the palms of your hands! 

A new era of Security – SSO Login  

Managing your project information in Infrakit is now almost as safe as keeping your gold in Fort Knox… Now it is time for you to call your organization’s IT gurus and tell them to connect your organization’s Azure AD to Infrakit!  

Why? You know better than anyone, that it is everyday life on a site where subcontractors are coming and going, and project staff changes. With Azure AD connection, data security is ensured with an up-to-date user register that automatically syncs up with your organization’s register. 

See in-depth list of new features and improvements of version 3.8.1. here 

Jere Syrjälä
December 5, 2022

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