Infrakit Release 3.3.1

Hi everyone,

In new version update we added more security requirements to keep account and data safe, made user invitations easier and created infrakit smart to detect 360 panorama images.

Read full list of changes below:


[IN-519] – Map page – In Safari, map is not using all available screen space
[IN-610] – Cross section measurements vanish when scrolling or zooming the cross section
[IN-614] – As-built .pdf report creation can fail
[IN-616] – As-built approval status colors do not work
[IN-617] – As-built points from Field app lose precision if coordinate conversion fails
[IN-619] – Map page – Share state – copy to clipboard doesn’t work in Chrome 61+
[IN-621] – Default new organization parent should be the user’s organization
[IN-626] – Fix sending coordinate system offset to Field app


[IN-566] – New passwords should be minimum 8 characters long – Admin edit user and User setting pages
[IN-567] – Creating new users – option to create random password + send via email to user
[IN-592] – Add user invitation role column on project page
[IN-618] – Add ConX ICON-FIELD support
[IN-620] – Images – Read XMP metadata from uploaded image to detect 360 panoramas

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