Infrakit OFFICE™ – Version 3.6.2

Infrakit OFFICE™ Version 3.6.2 is now live! The new release contains many new usability improvements such as: possibility to zoom and pan cross section also on mobile, autosnap for measurement functions, new functions on map file pop-up, new password policy, and force 360 photo viewer –find out the highlights of the new release below.

Autosnap for measurement functions

New version introduces auto snap feature. Precise measurements are enabled by snap-to-point and snap-to-line functions, integrated to line and area measurement tools.

New functions on map file pop-up

Now it is possible to locate file of visualized model from map view. This is done by right-clicking the target model and selecting either ”Select in files tree” or ”Open in files page” function. Same pop-up menu has another new function that allows direct download of file by selecting ”Download”.

New password policy

New requirement is to include both upper and lower case characters, and minimum one number, when setting or changing the user password.

Force 360 photo viewer

Unfortunately, not all photos come with metadata that indicate photos to be 360. Now it is possible to force Infrakit to use 360 viewer for photos that are placed in folder that start by folder name ”360_”.

Read the full release notes here.

Linda Hakala
March 2, 2020

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