Infrakit OFFICE™ – Version 3.6.1

SokoPro–Infrakit integration

We are pleased to announce the integration between Infrakit and Sokopro. The wish of the integration came originally from customers in order to improve information flow between the two software companies.

The integration has been successful and is now available to all of our customers. According to Fernando Korpi, Development Manager from SokoPro: “the biggest benefits of the integration are increased efficiency and transparency in data management and to make our customers’ day-to-day work easier.”

“As a result of the integration, we hope for a long and fruitful cooperation with Infrakit in the future”, tells Fernando Korpi.

SokoPro is a cloud service for data management, sharing and archiving. All the prestigious construction companies and real estate developers are using SokoPro for data management in Finland.

Faster cross-sections

On big sites, where Infrakit is used also as project data hub, the users have experienced system being slow. Actionsare now taken as new cross section tool optimizes the amount of data it uses for calculation of cross-sections. Nowthe speed of the view is not depending on project size, rather the amount of models user have selected to view.

Watch a video here.

User configurable as-built table

User can now change the order of as–built table columns like explained on video below.

Watch a video here.

Model elevation

Activate the terrain models on map and right click on top of the model. The elevation of the active models on that spot is displayed on pop-up menu. Note that it might take couple of seconds.

Watch a video here.

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