Infrakit Is Growing – New Location for Our Headquarters at Accountor Tower Keilaniemi

As the winter is slowly coming to an end and the spring sun is shining through the unwashed windows, it is a new chapter for Infrakit HQ in Finland. At the beginning of this month, we moved to our brand new top floor office at Keilaniemi Espoo, Accountor Tower.

The building has 21 floors and is located near the border of Helsinki. The building was the tallest habitable building in Finland from its construction in 1976 until 2006, remaining still the highest office building to this day. The building has been the Fortum Head Office and Neste Tower in the past. From May 2018 it has been the headquarters of the Nordic financial software company Accountor. Infrakit headquarters is located at the top floor of the whole building, which was completely renovated for us.

Currently we are living with the covid-19 pandemic and all the remote work, but once the situation gets better, we are more than happy to invite our customers for a visit!
Although some say that remote work will be the new normal even in the future, I believe that meeting face-to-face – when possible – is better in forming connections and trust and for building that specific Infrakit spirit that we have in our company.

As we operate in nine different countries already it is an everyday normal with remote work, Teams-meetings etc. – with or without covid-19 – but I am also eager to invite our dear colleagues from around the world for a visit when the time comes. In the new office we also have some room to grow our Infrakit team.

Let’s stay positive about the future and hope to see our lovely customers and old and new employees live when possible!

Annika Helisvaara
March 29, 2021

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