Infrakit Enables Efficient Infra Project Management for Contractors

Infrakit offers a centralized cloud platform for contractors to have control over all infra construction phases easily and efficiently. Common problems for project managers are fulfilling owner’s project requirements concerning time, quality and budget. Contractors need access to all project information to fulfil the requirements.

Infrakit gives you complete control over all project phase

Infrakit transforms your projects into more controlled processes enabling a more harmonized way of working. This lets you build according to requirements with less errors, reworking and claims with the bonus of having the handover documentation available as soon as the project is finished.

All of this also applies to possible subcontractors working on your projects.

By connecting people, data and machines, Infrakit ensures that all parties are working to avoid wasted resources and
expensive errors with the latest plans and schedule. Because of our wide selection of integration partners, Infrakit can be
used independently from any equipment and software brands.

“It is very easy to distribute rights in Infrakit. Easy to manage and keep track of what both project managers and the guys in the field do. We received direct and personal training from Infrakit, and everyone knows exactly what to do.” Henrik Bertelsson on case Vestre Vei.

Handover phase is made stress-free because all the construction information can already be found in Infrakit

According to Janne Neste and Jenna Karppanen from the Streets of Kallvik case the ease of communication that comes through using Infrakit is one of the main benefits.

“Particularly when handover time approaches, Infrakit will greatly lighten the workload for all parties because all the material is in one place, and everyone has the same up-to-date information. This is especially true for large projects like this one. Without Infrakit, everyone would be faced with huge piles of paper and other material. The fact that everything is stored in one place and documents can be searched for using different codes makes the work more efficient.”

Stay tuned for the next part in our benefits series.

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Damyanti Rathore
May 19, 2021

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