CASE: The City of Hyvinkää – First Stage of the Hangonsilta Project

The first stage of the project was to clean the contaminated soil and prepare the area for residential construction.

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Vt6 Taavetti-Lappeenranta project on Infrakit

Highway 6, Taavetti-Lappeenranta (VT 6 TaaLa), is the main connector in South Karelia. In the project, the 29 km highway was expanded to have four lanes. 12 km of which was completely new road.

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CASE: City of Lahti – Suoniitynkatu Residential Street

One of the most challenging things about this project is to speed up the construction process. Suoniitynkatu is a ribbon-like street so it is quite difficult to create alternate routes among already existing structure

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CASE: Destia – Riippa-Eskola Double-Track Railway

The 30 km “Riippa-Eskola double track railway” project was completed on time. Financially the project was a resounding success with a profit margin of over 10%.

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CASE: YIT – E18 Hamina-Vaalimaa Motorway

Infrakit was taken in use in E18 Hamina-Vaalimaa project for on-site managers, foremen and surveying staff (~30 licences in total) and for 22 3D machine controlled equipment. Infrakit App for tablet is also in use in the project.

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CASE: City of Espoo – Tammitie Residential Street

The City of Espoo wanted to move forward from traditional implementation (paper plans and measuringsticks) to utilizing BIM to enhance their infrastructure construction projects effectiveness

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