Employee introduction: Jere Syrjälä Master Thesis Worker

Nice to see you here! I am Jere and I joined the Infrakit team at the beginning of the year. I will be doing my Master’s Thesis with Infrakit, to assess the impact of cloud service-based digitalization in the infrastructure construction industry’s sustainable development. Wow, did you drop by the wayside? Don’t worry, I can explain it to you in a more simplified manner.

In other words, my thesis work should provide you with more knowledge on how you could reach the sustainability objectives by applying Infrakit. If you are a representative of an infra-owner organization, you can showcase how your organization is pursuing sustainable development objectives with the help of digitalization. If you are a contractor, you can win more contracts by meeting the increasing sustainability demands of owners with the use of Infrakit. And if you have nothing to do with this, my thesis will still help you understand in a better way, how digitalization enables building new infrastructure, that is not shi*ting where your grandchildren are supposed to eat in the future, but rather providing them a better and more sustainable future.

After completing my thesis work, I will be a Master of Science from the University of Vaasa, majoring in Industrial Systems Analytics. My prior work history is related to hands-on business development in renewable solutions for the energy industry and building a gig-economy startup as an entrepreneur. So, a sustainable future has kinda always been at the center of my interest in building knowledge and learning consciously or sometimes even unconsciously.

I could describe myself as a multi-passioned builder persona, who practices calisthenics, listens to e-books and practices inventing new nicknames for my cat daily. I am super excited and honored to be here for you!

Damyanti Rathore
April 8, 2022

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