Edelaraudtee AS is digitalizing their construction processes with Infrakit

Edelaraudtee AS is a railway infrastructure company of the Edelaraudtee Group which is operating in Estonia. It manages 223.8 km of railway lines (138.9 km on the Tallinn–Lelle–Pärnu line, 79.6 km on the Lelle–Türi–Viljandi line, and 5.3 km on the Liiva–Ülemiste line) and 11 railway stations, plus 20 passenger platforms outside stations.

Edelaraudtee AS provides railway infrastructure services and traffic management to rail transport operators and rolling stock owners. The company has almost 100 employees.

Project description

During January 2021 they started renovation process of on Tallinn-Lelle-Pärnu line between Rapla and Lelle stations. The whole renovation process started during 2021 with finding the best horizontal/vertical alternatives by consultants. New faster and safer line construction should start during the year 2023. It is about 20km of old railway renovation.

Location of the project

Why they use Infrakit

As Edelaraudtee wanted to start utilizing their design and construction processes in a modern way – and take advantage of model-based design and construction. They started using Infrakit as their common data environment because they could handle documents, drawings and models in the same environment. And it’s important to use latest Estonian land board orthophotos via WMS service

How easy was it to start using Infrakit?

“With all new software solutions, it was tricky in the beginning, but we are sure that after 5 years it is common for everyone to use Infrakit or similar solutions daily as a working environment” says Rain Kaarjas, board member of Edelaraudtee AS. For us it was comfortable to start with Infrakit where we did not need to use any other software’s to see models, background maps and design alternatives in one environment.

Analyzing different vertical solutions

Were there any problems utilizing Infrakit?

We had some issues with showing IFC models but with small adjustments to model files that was fixed as can be seen in the following picture.

To summarize Edelaraudtee AS digitalization piloting – everyone in infra-construction must start digitalization someday – better to start it today than after 5 years. Finding innovation friendly partners and suitable software platforms is crucial in this process.
“So, we are in progress towards a successful first ever digitally built railway in Edelaraudtee AS” – sums up Rain Kaarjas

Rain Kaarjas,
Board Member
Edelaraudtee AS

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