Breaking Down Data Silos in Infrastructure Construction Management 

Effective collaboration and communication are critical for project success. However, the challenge of data silos persists, hindering a seamless flow of information among stakeholders. Let’s explore how Infrakit plays a crucial role in dismantling these barriers and fosters a more collaborative environment.

Transforming Confusion into Collaboration

Without intention, the natural silos that emerge from different core software defined by different stakeholder needs, can create barriers between groups that are much better off working together. Infrakit acts as a centralized hub, connecting diverse stakeholders involved in infrastructure projects. By integrating various data sources like surveying, machine control, field documentation and design models, Infrakit ensures real-time information sharing, enabling teams to work with the most accurate and up-to-date data.

The same goes for having a central platform where you can share custom data through our Saved Views with outside stakeholders (owners, designers, etc.) 

Turning Problems into Productive Solutions

When information is siloed, you’re only ever getting a partial understanding of the state of your project. This means that issues arising from, for example, an outdated model being passed to a machine, can fly under the radar leading to quality issues. 

Infrakit has a centralized and seamless quality control process built in, so that all stakeholders can mitigate compliance/quality risks in real-time.

Silos also often result in duplicated efforts and thus inefficient resource allocation. Infrakit reduces this significantly by enabling workers and teams to “self-serve” for their individual needs in minutes, rather than waiting hours or days and straining other data holders.

Transitioning from Clipboards to the Cloud

One of Infrakit’s strengths is its entirely cloud-based infrastructure, providing stakeholders with anytime, anywhere access to project data. This accessibility not only enhances collaboration but also offers a comprehensive view of the entire project, facilitating better decision-making and problem-solving. Even more than this, the data and decision-making “fits in your pocket” with Infrakit Field, Infrakit Survey, and Infrakit Truck, enabling field teams to adapt and operate with a higher degree of independence.

Book time with our experts to discover how these solutions can be leveraged for improved efficiency and success in your next construction project.

Alexander Zibell
February, 2024