Infrakit’s Mission is a Sustainable Infra Industry

Summer of 2018 in Finland was unheard of – and alarming. With high temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius for weeks and weeks, the effects of global warming were becoming painfully apparent. My co-founder Matti and myself were spending time at my parent’s summer house in Sipoo enjoying our well-earned summer vacation. We had succeeded in getting Infrakit off the ground, we had surpassed the first million euros in yearly revenue. Some could say we had “made it”. Despite our success and the blooming nature around us, our mood was gloomy. Global temperature and CO2 emissions were increasing each year and world leaders seemed incapable of solving or even mitigating the impending doom of climate change the world is facing. We both have kids and fear for the world we are leaving for them. We felt helpless.

It was during that day that it dawned on us – we can make a difference. We must. We figured that as business leaders we have a leverage – and a responsibility.

As we have started to look more closely on the matter, we have realized that Infrakit is in a pivotal position to enable a sustainable infra industry, not only on an ecological, but also on societal and personal levels.

DCS Finland – Teemu Kivimäki

Infrakit works for a sustainable infra industry on three levels.

Firstly, on ecological level Infrakit reduces waste in the construction process – waste means errors and downtime. This means emissions and lost money. With Infrakit, the emissions impact of machinery and materials of the projects can be measured. What can be measured can be optimized, and finally eliminated – our ultimate goal is a zero-emission infra industry.

Secondly, on societal level Infrakit enables societies to effectively build and maintain their infrastructure, in addition to increasing transparency.

Last but not least, on personal level Infrakit enabled people working on this industry to gain control over their complex projects and gives them a peace of mind when their project is running smoothly.

I invite you dear reader to join us in our mission to make this industry sustainable, we can do it together!

Teemu Kivimäki
June 24, 2020

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