Case: Vestre Vei by Marthinsen & Duvholt, Norway

Since March 2020, there has been construction of a road, walkway and VA (water and sewage) on Vestre Vei on Nesøya outside Oslo.

Henrik Bertelsson has led the construction, and says that this is the first time he and his team use Infrakit as a project hotel also during the design phase.

Anders Tiltnes is a VDC-certified geomatician at Infrakit AS and is impressed by what Marthinsen & Duvholt and Asker Municipality have achieved together: “They have chosen to have an openness where all design and documentation is shared on a common cloud-based BIM project platform. Connecting BIM with actual production and progress is something other projects use many man-years in consulting services to try to achieve. Here, Marthinsen & Duvholt and Asker Municipality have managed it all by themselves.”

Henrik elaborates:

“It is very easy to distribute rights in Infrakit. Easy to manage and keep track of what both project managers and the guys in the field do. We received direct and personal training from Infrakit, and everyone knows exactly what to do.”

He also says that this is the first time he has used project hotels that use maps as a background:

“Drawings and photo documentation are referred directly to where they are and which folder they should be in. The fact that the workers can take pictures outside, that are automatically georeferenced and mapped, means that we can easily search for pictures taken by this and that person, from this and that date.

The feedback they get from the municipality is that it works very well, says Henrik.

‘Everything is divided according to where it is to be used, including machines and equipment. Infrakit is a very good system, and we are very pleased with the service we have received from them. ‘

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