Drag and drop Point Clouds are here with Infrakit 3.8.8but there is something more! 

Yea, usually I’ve got to think reaally really hard on how to praise some of our more tech-savvy features, which certainly are worth the hype, but maybe a bit more hard to understand. More often than not, it ends up on some funny pop-culture BS that I am ranting for you, just to get you on a nice and happy mood… and maaybe to give a bit elaboration on the new stuff on Infrakit. 

But then, sometimes, even the greatest Shakespeare (yea, a bit of an overstated self-brag 😀) must accept the reality, that not all the stories need to be altered to be interesting. Sometimes, merely explaining the real-life story itself can be the best way to spark up the day. And yea, I know you know already, this is now that time. And the reason is really simple and plain. Because this big bad guy doesn’t need ANY introduction to ANYBODY. Ladies, and gentlemen: DRAG AND DROP POINTCLOUDS ARE HERE ! Yeah, Let’s go:  

Point-clouds soooo smoothly into Infrakit! 

 After all that praise and pre-hype, I think even you do not want to read anything anymore, and just skip to the good part -> The video… Enjoy 😊

3D Measurement tools and real-time cross-sections are also here! 

 Oooh boy, oooh baby, this is heeavy stufff!! Feels almost guilty to have these things on the same release with the point-clouds, cause c’mon, in any other version this would be biggest of all, but no way we got them for the same release 😀  

 Yea, a true art of measuring things is when you can do it three-dimensionally, which really gives you the reality on the site to your laptop on the office. Match drone and theoretical data in cross-sections (yeap, point clouds are cut too), snap measurements out of 3D objects both in cross section and in 3D view… works also very well for structures like bridges! 

Even if the Point Cloud is kind of the coolest star in the game field right now, these 3D measurement features amaze with their versatility.  

Global terrain model is the base of all 

If Infrakit software was a football team, this announcement would be like: “Hey, we got the biggest star Haaland (Point Clouds) into our gang, and we got the most versatile player De Bruyne (3D measurements) as well. But what could these two do without the base of it all, the mighty defender who might not be the flashiest, but boy is he/she the one who makes those stars spark even greater… Like John Stones.” 

Yea, I am talking about Global terrain model. Actually, indeed this is a funny pun, as it is sort of meant to be the base for IT ALL 😀. 

Check out here how to use this feature -> 

If telling all the stories, elaborating all the cool new stuff in Infrakit is hard job within one blog quick blog post with max three highlights, this time it was on a totally different level… There was so, much, more, that I would want to show all of you, but my blog space is already filling u… 

Haha just kidding, the blog post space does not fill up here, but still, I cannot show it all so please, let yourself enjoy by reading our release notes on aall the super nice new features like mentions for comments, folders for orthos, further improved 2D IFC, visual equipment assignments on map, and super-awesome 360 in-picture browsing  

See more in release notes

Jere Syrjälä
February, 2024

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