Drag-and-drop orthos are here with Infrakit 3.8.6!   

I bet hearing these stellar news will make even chief journalists of Times, Wired, and other of the world’s largest Magazines envy my position as a notorious Infrakit blog writer since I am the one that gets to first tell them… 😉 

Okay, are you ready to hear it… Infrakit eats now orthos itself!  

Now that it’s said and done, let’s take a bit deeper look into what this means for your work! 

Stoop stop stop! I want to steal your attention still for a second before getting into the text -> Our Thesis worker Jetro has worked super hard for this feature to become captured reality (you see the pun intended 😉), thus, I would love to see you giving him a minute or two of your opinions regarding this feature. Link for a Master’s Thesis questionnaire at the bottom of the text, Let us help Jeti!!


Getting orthos into Infrakit has never been easier… 

Would be cool to demonstrate my newly learned skills among orthophotos by explaining to you technical buzz-words to make you break a sweat “Oh this guy knows what he is doing”. But honestly, the feature is so simple that a chimpanzee could use it, so I guess my days of acting cool are over… I mean basically, just by dropping the files into Infrakit you can get access to your orthos in Infrakit Map, Now think about that! 


Let me rephrase this from your point of view. Your work life will get a ton easier by having the relevant and up-to-date information in the form of orthophotos readily chewed up on Infrakit because this feature lets the drone gurus do that so quickly! 


Currently, supported file formats are .tif, .tiff, and .jp2, and all the necessary knowledge and information on using this feature can be found in our KnowledgeBase. 


Check the easiness of this from this video!

… and they can be opened in third-party as well! 

Until Matrix comes alive there is not a single system that can perform everything needed everywhere in one place. Not even Infrakit can solve everything on its own and we quite humbly recognize that. Thus, as always, we want to be as flexible as possible with other awesome software out there, making your life easier when jumping from one software to another! 


For this, we pursue making the opening of uploaded orthophotos in third-party systems superbly smooth! Go check how this is done with Civil 3D from the video below, and other cases from our Knowledge Base!

And a special announcement for integrators and customers having their own pipelines for orthomosaic processing! Please contact us for guidance on super simple APIs that make sharing your content with Infrakit users a true delight.

Super Sharp DWGs!  

You tell us and we hear you! DWGs are essential data to be visualized for you on the Infrakit platform and that is precisely why we have been going the extra mile to make them super sharp and functional for you.

Now we dare to say the version 3.8.6. starts to have them in a fashion that is ultra crisp and clear, take a look at yourself!

For all Autodesk users out there! Now you can also download as-built as a DXF file, data nicely organized to layers by codes.

Pssst… If you are a hardcore Infrakit user, here is a little easter egg for you -> go check what is new on the Infrakit Admin page… or rather, what has made its return 😉 



Check the more in-depth list of new features and improvements of this version from our Knowledge Base

Jere Syrjälä
September 12th, 2023

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