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“Infrakit provides a good overview of the models used in the machines. You can see where the machines are, and you can easily retrieve data, the biggest difference between before and now is that the process is now more visual; you have a better overview, and it is easier to orientate yourself.”

Jarle Vatne, Project Manager at Risa

“Before, we used several programs with different portals. This meant that we had to post models several times. On Infrakit they are collected. In a turnkey contract like this, there are many models and updates. Instead of going through five different portals, it now sticks with one. Overall, this provides much more efficient machine control.”

Eirik Frimannslund, Survey Manager at PEAB

“The most important thing about Infrakit is that it is very easy to use. You can enter lots of different types of data, and it visualizes the information in a good way.”

Terje Glad, BIM Manager at Veidekke

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